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20 years old. Live in the U.S.A. College student. I like finding pretty pictures and posting them on my blog. Love meeting new people. Enjoy! :)

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Sooo today I’ll be working as an extra on a brand new show that hasn’t aired yet (it won’t until September!) and I woke up feeling like absolute shit.
Mother Nature stopped by and had to ruin everything..I took pain medicine on an empty stomach which also included caffeine [hooray for nausea and shaking]. I need to shower and do my hair and make up and eat and be ready in two hours….

Just a tip: ladies, don’t take Pamprin on an empty stomach. It will get rid of the pain only to make your body feel like complete shit afterwards. I pray I don’t throw up. *sighs*
Sunset Gower Studios here I come…barely

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I’m terrified of sleep tonight

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